June 01, 2016

Snowboarder Safety - The Dangers of the Board Dungeon

Snowboarding. One of the most extreme of the extreme sports. Flying, flipping down snow-covered mountains, staring peril in the face at every cliff, glade, and crevice. Those lucky enough to call themselves snowboarders know the inherent danger that is the tightrope walk of snowboarding. Too much ice renders useless even the sharpest of edges and most engineered of cambers, catch an edge and you can find yourself on the tumble of your life, and there’s always a risk of avalanches popping without warning.

With all of these dangers lurking at every turn, snowboarding’s most dangerous and most nefarious aspect is often overlooked.

Board clutter. All over the world, boarders tiptoe cautiously and uncomfortably through a maze of boards. That’s right, friends, board dungeons pose a serious threat to winter athletes everywhere whether in board shops or homes. Board overload can creep up on you without even a hint of warning until one day you’re at the downstairs fridge grabbing a refreshing Smir Ice for a few pals and you find yourself stuck taking the long way back. Or worse, a precarious surfboard falls and cuts off your only access back to the civilized world.

In some extreme cases your route is so cluttered that you are forced to take 1 bag of groceries at a time in place of your usual… all of them at once. That’s when you realize things are more serious than you thought, did you ever imagine that a simple thing like not buying a snowboard rack would ever affect the simple pleasure and ultimate satisfaction that is unloading all of the groceries in one trip?

Bamboo Skateboard Rack - Grassracks Moloka'i Show-Off Wall Mounted Board Rack

Board hoarding is an inevitable and completely understandable situation. After all, how are you supposed to throw away the Tony Hawk skateboard on which you first ollied or your 9’5 longboard that Robert August was kind enough to sign when you saw him at Surf Expo during the 50th anniversary of Endless Summer? Impossible!

Luckily this, like many other stories of hope, has a happy ending. There is a way to avoid board accumulation and that is through proper organization and board storage. If your board dungeon has you down you must simply look up.. to the walls. Chances are your walls are the solution to this problem. Often empty and waiting to be used, walls give us a chance to get our clutter off the floor and out of the way of our feet and let us make our living space more efficiently organized.

Now that the ski season is over, you’re probably looking at your equipment and scratching your head about the best way to store your snowboards. Grassracks products let boarders store and organize their snowboards in a way that is appealing to the eye. Not only do our products look incredible but they are incredibly strong. Our bamboo has a higher tensile strength than steel all while being one of the most eco-friendly resources on our planet. Combine that with the easiest and strongest installation system on the market and you have your perfect snowboard rack. Give your boards the respect and protection they deserve and check out our Moloka’i Series and other products today!


*Grassracks makes and designs the industry's premium board racks from bamboo. With the easiest-to-install and strongest mounting system, strongest cradles, best-looking racks, and most comprehensive line of equipment options, our products are the only choice to organize and store your sport and home equipment.

(Snowboarding and other extreme sports are to be enjoyed but can be dangerous. Make sure you’ve done your homework. Check that your boards, binding, edges, etc. are maintained; know the conditions and your lines; be cognizant of other riders and look out for each other.)