Spring Cleaning - How to Organize Your Gear

April 19, 2016

Spring Cleaning - How to Organize Your Gear

There is no doubt that rising temperatures signify a change of seasons. Spring is here and you know what that means, Spring Cleaning.

Yes, that bittersweet time of year when we clean out the house. We organize, complete projects, and get things back in order. We get our home to a point that’s livable and are sure that it will never get cluttered again..before life happens.

The change in season begs some important questions:

- What do I do with my winter gear when it’s no longer winter?

- How should I take care of the gear that I’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to acquire?

- How do you organize this stuff if you have A LOT of gear?

Hallsteiner Duo Bamboo Ski Rack - Indoor Ski Storage

What do I do with my winter gear when it’s no longer winter?

For the avid outdoorsman, Spring also brings a change in sport. Your winter gear, which has served you so well in the snow, needs to find a place to rest in the off season. Your summer gear-- bike, surfboard, paddle board, wakeboard, or longboard-- awakens from its hibernation. The easy solution is to toss your gear in the basement to forget for the next 7 months. Spoiler Alert: You will have the same reaction every November! How did these get so rusty!? Where did this chip come from!? How did these get so moldy and scratched up!?

Perhaps you’re familiar with this dilemma. Your skis or snowboard are practically family but it’s hard to find them a home within your home. You can’t throw them under the bed, your closet is already bursting at the seams, and, for the love of everything good, don’t relegate your gear to the dark abyss of the basement. This is gorgeous gear, it deserves to be protected and displayed.

Kaua'i Show-Off - Bamboo Surf Rack

How should I take care of the gear that I’ve spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to acquire?

We’ve all gotten the talk from our parents about taking care of our things. “Take good care of your belongings and they will last you a lifetime.” Fortunately with age comes wisdom and mom and dad were right. That mantra doesn’t just apply to your car, house, or phone, it very much applies to skis and snowboards.

So what does proper snowboard and ski storage entail? They should be kept in a place that is safe and dry. Moisture and humidity creates rust and mold on your gear. Your gear is meant to get wet but not stay wet permanently. Wet or humid conditions can create situations where you gear deteriorates faster than normal.

How do you organize this stuff if you have A LOT of gear?

Keeping your equipment safe can happen in a number of different ways but always involves some sort of organization. There are sports closets and storage rooms, floor racks, ceiling racks, and the very popular wall rack. While we have a few floor racks, we realized that the most practical way to store summer and winter gear is generally to mount it on the wall. This opens up the floor, makes use of otherwise wasted wall space, and keeps your equipment out of harm’s way while putting it somewhere it can be easily accessed and appreciated. After all, you’ve spent lots of hard-earned money on your gear, shouldn’t you put it somewhere that it can remind you of some of your best memories?

Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be so daunting, but it does need a plan. Luckily, we have you covered there. Your boards, bikes, and skis no longer have to part of the problem but can instead be one of the easiest solutions. Our racks have been meticulously measured to give your boards, bikes, and skis, the right about of room to keep them safe and show them off. Our bamboo & designs are gorgeous and strong to accent and support even the heaviest boards. Finally, our installation system is the easiest and most versatile on the market allowing you to adjust for different boards or easily change Series all together for different sports.

Now all that’s left is to decide which wall gets to boast your finest stuff and where to put your old photo albums..

Questions or comments? Feel free to email us at info@grassracks.com !

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