Funky Bamboo Cutting Boards

$28.00 USD

Our bamboo cutting boards / display boards / charcuterie boards are part of our Zero Waste Initiative. The bamboo that we use is very high-quality, gorgeous material and we hate throwing it away. So, instead of pitching it, we turn it into funky cutting boards (and other products).

Each cutting board is one-of-a-kind so, if you like it, get on it!

Special Notes

*This is a way for us to use all of our material.. We've done this in the quickest and most efficient way we could think. We haven't measure each board but our logo is 2.25" Wide x 1.5" High, for reference.*

- Boards 1-6 are very similar but not identical. 1/2" bamboo. Roughly 22" x 8"

- Boards 7 & 8 are 3/4" bamboo. (8 is sold)

- Board 9 is just awesome. 1/2" bamboo. (Sold)

- Boards 12-14 are intended as cheese/sushi boards but you may use them for crackers or as a charcuterie boards (or as you see fit, it's a free country.)

- Boards 15-24 are just all sorts of funky-ness so, if you're feeling saucey, don't hesitate on those bad boys. (15, 18, & 20 are sold)

- Boards 19 & 24 are 3/4" bamboo.

- Board 21 shows the difference between raw bamboo (left) and bamboo that has been conditioned with butcher block oil. (They look great raw and even better conditioned)

- Boards 25-36 are cool, little, similarly-shaped boards that could be used as plates or whatever your heart desires. They are 1/2" bamboo and have been described as "delightful" by passers by. (We can attest to the fact that they are, indeed, delightful)


Cutting boards should be conditioned with Mineral Oil (NOT MINERAL SPIRITS) or Butcher Block Oil/Conditioner. (Not Olive or Vegetable Oil). These boards are meant as displays but are hard and hold up very well to cutting, especially if conditioned regularly. (Don't be ridiculous and use a crazy bread knife or chain saw on them..)

Now you have the rundown on these amazing, eco-friendly, zero waste bamboo boards and you are free to purchase at will. Please feel good knowing that bamboo is one of the best materials on the planet at cleaning our ground and air of harmful toxins and CO2.


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