Much like Clark Kent conceals his true identity as Superman, so do we conceal our inner athlete when we throw our gear in a garage, basement, or closet. Grassracks gives you the means to properly appreciate the boards, skis, and bikes that you love so much. Every athlete knows very well that their collections deserve more than the dark, lonely abyss that is the 'standard' storage situation. Give your stuff the respect it deserves and mount it on something worthy of holding such a gorgeous piece of art, finely crafted and finished bamboo. Our products have the ability to take any boring room and turn it into a lively living space with an amazing focal point.

Our customers are fellow athletes, like you, who have taken the leap to a better living space and a more respectful storage setting. Displaying your favorite boards, skis, and bikes is more than just organizing and beautifying your home, it's telling your story. Surf trips with your buddies to North Shore, Ski and Snow getaways in Utah, Biking down Mt. Etna.. your equipment tells stories that let's you relive memories if you allow it the opportunity.

Here are a few of our favorite customer photos. Take a peek, get inspired, and get your own pictures up here!

 The Tripped Barrel - Surfboard Rack        Newtown Square, PA

The Boarder - Surf Rack showing a shark bite art board      Jim - Paoli, Pennsylvania
The Surfer - Surfboard Rack displaying a custom surfboard       Jim - Paoli, Pennsylvania
The Kaua'i Pro - Surfboard Rack used here with Snowboards       Jonathon, Colorado
The Tripped Barrel - Board Rack used with a custom Longboard         Max, Croatia
The Rackcycle - Bike Rack         Colin, Philadelphia
The Kaua'i Quad - Surfboard Rack    Christa, Florida

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We love seeing customer photos so if you want to show us your Grassracks and be featured send pictures to info@grassracks.com!